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Current Courses

Completed Courses
BLNG204 Greek I (Dr. Keith Reeves)
BLNG205 Greek II (Dr. Keith Reeves)
CMIN108 Foundations of Ministry (Mr. Lawrence Witherspoon)
CMIN206 Introduction to Christian Education (Dr. Kara Powell)
CMIN316 Art of Leadership (Dr. Paul Shrier)
CMIN401 Christian Ministries Internship I (Dr. Dick Pritchard & Dr. Steve Gerali)
CMIN402 Christian Ministries Internship II (Dr. Dick Pritchard & Dr. Steve Gerali)
CMIN408 Principles of Preaching (Dr. Dick Pritchard)
CMIN418 Pastoral Ministry (Dr. Dick Pritchard)
CMIN426 Topics in Christian Ministry: Church Administration & Organization (Dr. Dick Pritchard)
CMIN428 Church & Society (Church & Society)
CMIN466 Adult Development & Spiritual Formation (Dr. Dick Pritchard)
ENG110 Freshman Writing Seminar ()
ENGL111 Introduction to Literature (Ms. Ruth Romero)
JGEO330 Physical Settings of the Bible (Dr. Paul Wright)
JHIS330 History of Ancient Israel (Mr. Brian Schultz)
JMEC349 Christian Communities in the Middle East (Dr. Petra Heldt)
JMEC360 Introduction to the Modern Middle East (Mr. Oded Yinon)
PHIL320 History of Modern Philosophy (Dr. John Culp)
POLI150 American Government (Mr. Jonathon Pyles)
POLI496 Senior Seminar: Politics & Religion (Dr. Brad Hale)
PSYC440 Psychology of Religion (Dr. Brian Eck)
THEO303 Theology & the Christian Life (Dr. Russell Duke)
THEO353 Church History (Dr. Heather Ackley)
THEO363 Contemporary Christian Thought (Dr. Craig Keen)
UBBL230 Luke/Acts (Dr. Kathryn Smith)
UBBL311 Hebrew Prophets I (Dr. Gerald Wilson)
UBBL330 Life & Teachings of Jesus (Dr. Kathryn Smith)
UBBL340 Romans & Galatians (Dr. Kathryn Smith)
UBBL341 Thessalonian & Corinthian Epistles (Dr. Ken Waters)
UBBL343 General Epistles (Mr. Matt Hauge)
UBBL411 Hebrew Prophets II (Dr. Bruce Baloian)
UBBL476 Women in Biblical Tradition (Dr. Kathryn Smith)
YMIN400 Christian Values in Human Sexuality (Dr. Steve Gerali)

Academic Presentations

COMMON DAY OF LEARNING 2003: Gender Roles Within the Church and Family

COMMON DAY OF LEARNING 2004: US Aid in the Middle East

School Essays (Papers)

The Middle East and the West Relations in a Globalized World & the Christian Response
(POLI496 - Senior Seminar: Politics & Religion)
Situational Leadership Theory in Multimedia Ministry
(CMIN316 - Art of Leadership)
Religious Attitudes Towards Sexuality: A Psychological and Theological Look Into the Erotic
(YMIN400 - Christian Values in Human Sexuality)
Gender Issues from a Biblical Perspective: A Response to Evangelical Feminism
(UBBL476 - Women in Biblical Tradition)
The Satrical Value of The Simpsons
(ENG110 - Freshman Writing Seminar)
The Patriot Act and Its Effects on American's Constitutional Rights
(POLI150 - American Government)
Jude 8-11: An Exegetical Paper
(UBBL343 - General Epistles)
Salvation: The Church's Response to the Question of Jewish Salvation and the New Covenant
(JMEC349 - Christian Communities in the Middle East)
Defining the Undefinable: Globalization
(POLI496 - Senior Seminar: Politics & Religion)
The Matrix of Christianity
(THEO303 - Theology & the Christian Life)
The True Jonathan Edwards
(THEO353 - Church History)
The Case for Jonah's Historicity
(UBBL311 - Hebrew Prophets I)
Jonah vs. Jonah
(UBBL311 - Hebrew Prophets I)
Exegesis: 1Corinthians 14:33b-35
(UBBL341 - Thessalonian & Corinthian Epistles)
Thessalonian Exegesis: 1Thessalonians 4:3-5
(UBBL341 - Thessalonian & Corinthian Epistles)

College Planning

How to Make a Four Year Plan