Greek I
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Keith Reeves
October 4, 2004
"Text Criticism"

I.   NKJV = Drugs
II.   What is text criticism
III.   Types of errors
A.   Unintentional errors
1.   Errors due to faulty eyesight
a.   Acts 2:35 κο "ιωντα εδει instead of κο "ιωντας δει
2.   Errors due to faulty hearing
a.   Romans 5:1
3.   Errors of the mind
4.   Errors of judgment
B.   Intentional changes
1.   Spelling and grammar
2.   Harmonistic corruptions
3.   Addition of natural complements and similar adjuncts
4.   Clearing up historical and geographical difficulties
5.   Conflation of readings
6.   Addition of miscellaneous detail
IV.   The maxim: choose the reading which best explains the origin of the others
V.   External evidence
A.   The date of the witness (all else being equal you go with the earliest manuscript)
B.   The geographical distribution
1.   Schools of Thought
a.   Alexandria
b.   Caesarea
c.   Byzantine
2.   If all geographical distribution locations have it, then most likely the original text had it
C.   The genealogical relationship of texts and families of witnesses
VI.   Internal evidence
A.   More difficult reading
B.   Shorter reading
C.   Verbal dissidence
D.   Stylistic consideration
E.   Context