General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
April 20, 2004
"Apocalyptic Traditions"

I.   Apocalyptic Traditions
A.   Apocalypticism (Greek upocalyptus = "unveiling")
1.   Refers to ancient Jewish & Christian world view
2.   Basic dualism: Evil (present) vs. Good (future)
3.   Cataclysmi break when God will judge good & evil
B.   Apocalypse
1.   Refers to genre of literature
2.   Theme: despite suffering, God is ultimately in control
3.   Examples: Daniel, Revelation
C.   Literary Features
1.   Heavenly journeys & historical sketches
2.   Bizarre symbolic visions & violent repetitions
3.   Triumphalistic movement
II.   Pseudepigraphal Literature
A.   Pseudepigraphal = "with false subscriptions"
B.   Jewish & Jewish-Christian writings w/this title
   1.   Not included in the Hebrew Bible, NT, or the OT or NT Apocrypha
2.   Associated with biblical OT books or characters
3.   Written 250 BC - 200 AD
C.   Testament of Moses
1.   Farwell at Moses given to his successor, Joshua
a.   History of the people from Canaan until the end of
b.   Broken text at 12:13
2.   Jude 8-10 refers to a last ending (Assumption of Moses)
III.   1 Enoch & Jude
A.   Enoch, son of Jared (Gen 5:22-24)
B.   Jude 14-16 = 1Enoch 1:9
C.   1Enoch is a collection of traditions arranged as a Pentateuch
IV.   Content of 1Enoch
A.   Book of the Watchers (1-36)
1.   Portrays the final judgment of the righteous & the wicked
2.   Discussion of the fallen angels (6:1-4)
3.   Visions of Enoch's tour of the earth, Sheol & heaven
B.   Book of Similitudes (37-71)
1.   Coming judgment of the Son of Man
2.   Resurrection of the righteous & punishment of the angels
C.   Book of Astronomical Writings (72-82)
1.   Reckoning of time by the sun (solar calendar)
2.   Cosmic disorders of the last day
D.   Book of Dream Visions (83-90)
1.   2 visions of the future of the world & Israel
2.   Coming judgment of the world by the deluge (flood) - ex events prophecy
E.   Book of the Epistle of Enoch (91-107)
1.   Summarizes future world events (10 week period)
2.   Appendix discussing miraculous birth of Noah