General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
April 15, 2004
"Survey of 2Peter"

I.   Jude & 2Peter is about Christian Identify within the Church (with emphasis on beliefs)
II.   Jude 1-2
A.   Genre: Letter (testament)
B.   Author: Jude (lit. brother or twin)
C.   Audience: Somewhat questionable but probably the church
D.   Date: Virtually impossible to tell (90-100 AD?)
III.   2Peter
A.   1:1-2; 3:14-18
B.   Genre: Letter (general)
C.   Author: Simeon Peter
D.   Audience: to those who have the same faith
E.   Date
1.   After 1Peter & potentially after Jude
2.   Usually referred to as the last book of the NT
IV.   Context of Jude
A.   The community is being divided by people in the community are deceivers
B.   The message: just because you believed at one time and now have chosen the wrong path, does not mean God won't destroy you
C.   The "intruders" are being accused of sexual immorality and Jude informs them they will not get away with it
D.   Michael & Satan
1.   Michael = Angels that is leader of the angelic army
2.   It was Michael's' job to go before God's protected
E.   Bad Character's
1.   Cain
2.   Balaam = pagan prophet
3.   Korah = Moses' nemissis that gets swallowed up
F.   Jude thinks this is the end because all of the divisions that correlate to all of the evils of the past
G.   Jude 8-10
1.   Quoted from Testament of Moses
2.   Assumption of Moses
H.   Jude 14-16
1.   Quoting 1Enoch 1:9
V.   Why Jude & 2Peter
A.   Jude 4-18
B.   2Peter 2:4, 6, 10-18, 3:1-3
C.   80% of Jude is found in 2Peter
D.   Content proves Jude & 2Peter are related (3 possibilities)
1.   One way or another Jude or 2Peter influenced the other
2.   Jude & 2Peter has a common "Q-source" type literature
3.   Same author (not-widely held at all)