General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
March 23, 2004
"The Poor & the Wealthy in James"

I.   James 1:9-11 (future)
A.   Poor are happy
B.   Wealthy are sad
II.   James 2:1-7
A.   Purpose of Synagogues
1.   Prayer
2.   Teaching
3.   Courtroom
B.   Rich vs. Poor
1.   Rich and Poor man coming into court
2.   It is an issue of seeking justice
3.   In Roman law, the poor were not allowed to sue someone in a higher social class
C.   The problem at hand is that the rich are getting justice and the poor are not
D.   Poor are favored in God's eyes because they are rich in faith
III.   James 5:1-6
A.   The rich are like cows that are getting fatter and fatter
B.   But like the cows, you are fattening yourself for the day of your slaughter
C.   It is as ridiculous as the Hanzel & Gretel
IV.   Verse Breakdown in New Testament
A.   Poor in the New Testament
1.   1 out of 16 verses in the NT
2.   1 out of 10 verses in the Gospels
3.   1 out of 7 verses in Luke
4.   1 our of 5 verses in James
B.   Other interesting points (in New Testament)
1.   2 verses say that Jesus is the only way to God
2.   1 verse says the Law & the Prophets is Divinely inspired
3.   4 verses regarding homosexuality
4.    67 verses regarding adultery
5.   560 verses about caring fo rthe poor