General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
March 11, 2004
"Survey of Wisdom Literature"

I.   Christian Identity within a Christian Subculture (Church)
II.   There is nothing specifically Christian about the book
A.   Hebrews = Christ
B.   1Peter = Suffering
C.   James = no one theme
1.   Major Themes
a.   Faith/Works - Faith without works is dead
b.   Listen/Do
c.   Tongue
d.   Temptation
e.   Rich/Poor - 1 out of 5 verses is about this
f.   Warning to Teachers
g.   Trials
h.   Wisdom
2.   What's missing?
a.   Jesus Christ
i.   Mentioned twice
ii.   Both in reference to an address
iii.   Could easily be removed and not have any problem
iv.   Is James particular a Christian book?
b.   Salvation - not mentioned at all
c.   Baptism - not mentioned
d.   Holy Spirit - not mentioned
e.   Belief
i.   Not mentioned at all
ii.   There is nothing about what you should think, it is all about what you can do
III.   Structural Analysis
A.   Greeting (1:1)
B.   Joy in the Face of Trials (1:2-18)
1.   Trials Producing Maturity (1:2-8)
2.   Eschatological Promise of the Poor (1:9-11)
3.   "Evil Desire" is Source of Temptations (1:12-15)
4.   God is Source of Good Gifts (1:16-18)
C.   Faith Evident in Works (1:19-2:26)
1.   Living as Doers of the Word (1:19-27)
2.   Leaders don't show favoritism and look out for the poor (2:1-13)
3.   Faith Without Works is Dead (2:14-26)
D.   Conflicts Among Christians (3:1-4:12)
1.   Evil tongue vs. Good tongue (3:1-12)
2.   Earthly wisdom vs. wisdom from above (3:13-18)
3.   Pride vs. Humility (4:1-12)
E.   Being Content with their Current State (4:13-5:11)
1.   Do Not Boast About Tomorrow (4:13-17)
2.   Judgment Against the Oppressive Rich (5:1-6)
3.   Patience and Endurance in Suffering While Waiting for Christ (5:7-11)
F.   Do Not Swear (5:12)
G.   Final Exhortations (5:13-20)
1.   A Call for Prayer in Response to their Current State (5:13-18)
2.   Praying for Backsliders (5:19-20)