General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
February 14, 2004
"Survey of 1Peter"

I.   1Peter is about Christian Identity in a Greco-Roman World (outside of Judaism)
II.   Genre
A.   Epistle vs Letter
1.   Letter is personal
2.   Epistle is group oriented, written to a body
B.   1Peter is a letter
C.   Structure of letters
1.   Address
a.   Sender
b.   Recipient (church, members of a church, individuals)
c.   Opening greeting
2.   Thanksgiving
3.   Body of the letter - three types
a.   Deliberative oratory (persuasion or dissuasion)
b.   Forensic oratory (attack or defense)
c.   Display oratory (praise of blame)
4.   Conclusion
a.   Final blessing
b.   Final greetings
III.   Structure
A.   Opening Formula (1:1-2)
B.   Body (1:3-5:11)
1.   Affirmation of Christian Identity (1:3-2:10)
2.   Appropriate Behavior for Good Witness in a Pagan World (2:11-3:12)
3.   Christian Behavior in the Face of Hostility (3:13-5:11)
C.   Concluding Formula (5:12-14)
IV.   Summary of Basic Information
A.   Genre: Letter
1.   Circular - because of all the places in 1:1
2.   Author & addressees named
3.   Epistolary prescript & conclusion
B.   Author
1.   Letter claims to have been written by Peter
2.   Peter may have dictated the letter to Silvanus (5:12)
C.   Audience
1.   To those who reside as "aliens"
2.   Asia Minor (Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, Bithynia)
D.   Date
1.   Peter died during the Neronic persecution (60's AD)
2.   Although, there is much dispute on this