General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
January 20, 2004
"History of the Jews"

I.   Christianity emerged from Judaism - it was a Jewish sect/cult
II.   History of the Jews
A.   The Formative Period (1800-1250 BC)
1.   Abraham and the Promise (Gen 12:1-3)
a.   Go to the land of Canaan
b.   Land and offspring are promised to God - basically told he is going to be a completely different person at the end of his life
2.   The Twelve Tribes of Israel (we have kids - part one of the deal)
3.   Moses & the Exodus
a.   The 10 plagues are reversing creation - in a sense reversing Egypt's creation
b.   Blood in the Nile because of the blood of the Jewish babies in the Nile foreshadowing Egyptian death in the Red Sea
4.   Mt. Sinai & the Wilderness
a.   Receives the law
b.   Israelites worship the Golden Calf built by the head priest
c.   Moses gives them water miraculously without consulting Yhwh and is told he can't go into the land
B.   The Settlement (1250-1050 BC)
1.   Joshua chose to lead the people into the land
2.   Joshua told to kill all and he didn't kill all of them
C.   The Monarchy (1050-587 BC)
1.   United Monarchy (1050-922 BC)
a.   Saul
b.   David
c.   Solomon
2.   Divided Monarchy (922-587 BC)
a.   Two kingdoms
i.   Northern kingdom - Israel
ii.   Southern kingdom - Judah
b.   Downfall of the kingdoms
i.   722 - Northern Kingdom falls to Assyria
ii.   586 - Southern Kingdom falls to Babylon
D.   The Exile (987-539 BC)
1.   Cyrus the Great allows everyone to go back home
2.   Some Israelites want to go, but others stay
E.   The Persian Empire (539-334 BC)
F.   The Hellenistic Age (334-63 BC)
1.   Alexander the Great
2.   By 21 years old, he has conquered the known world
a.   Conquered it military
b.   Conquered it culturally
c.   All trade is done in Greek
3.   After his death, they break the kingdom into three parts
a.   Macedonia/Greece - General Antigonids
b.   Syria & Beyond - Selucids
c.   Egypt - Ptolimies
d.   All are fighting over Israel
4.   The Maccabean Revolt (167 BC)
5.   Hasmonean Priesthood - theocratic rule
6.   The rise of the Jewish Sects
a.   Pharisees
i.   Reformed group - don't like Sadducees
ii.   Paul's was one of them
iii.   Transitioned into the Rabbinics after the fall of the temple
b.   Seduces
i.   Aristocratic wealthy group
ii.   Intimately involved with the temple
c.   Essence
i.   They hated everybody
ii.   Maybe resided at Qumran
7.   Pompey (Rome) enters Jerusalem (63 BC)
G.   Roman Empire (63 BC-400 AD)
1.   Herod the Great (63-4 BC)
a.   He was half Jewish and half Roman
b.   Ruler appointed by Rome to rule Palestine
2.   Birth of Christ (6-4 BC)
a.   Herod kills all the Jews under 2 years old
b.   Similar parallels to Moses' birth
i.   Life threatened
ii.   Miraculously saved
iii.   Goes to Egypt
3.   Augustine divides Herod's Kingdom - 3 parts
a.   Philip
b.   Antipas
c.   Archaelaous (sp?)
4.   Nero & the Great Fire (July 64 AD)
a.   Everyone hates him - including Romans
b.   A fire breaks out that people blame Nero but Nero blames Christians and Jews
c.   Eventually Nero kills himself
5.   The First Jewish Revolt (66-70 AD)
a.   Rise of Revolutionary Groups
i.   Sicares
a.   Jewish assassins
b.   They work alone
ii.   Zealots
a.   Some Zealots are Sicares
b.   These were a militant group, that performed "guerilla warfare"
b.   Destruction of the Temple (70 AD)
6.   The Bar Kochiba Revolt (132-135 AD)