General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Matt Hauge
January 15, 2004
"Introduction to General Epistles"

I.   General Epistles
A.   Books
1.   Hebrews
2.   James
3.   1/2 Peter
4.   Jude
B.   Naming
1.   Why are they called Ôgeneral'
a.   General means universal, catholic, they are meant for everyone
b.   Dealing with scope (who it is written to)
2.   Why are they called Ôepistles'
a.   They are letters
b.   Dealing with genre
3.   The irony, they are not all generally written and they are not all letters
C.   Timeline
1.   BC 6/4 - Jesus Birth
a.   Nothing is written
b.   They didn't expect Jesus to die - this is what a messiah does
c.   In their mindset, they didn't need to write anything because he was there to ask when they needed something
d.   Theme: Chris is with us
2.   AD 30 - Jesus is crucified, died, and risen
a.   Pauline Epistles
b.   All Paul is doing is trying to keep people calm because Jesus is coming back soon
c.   Probable first writing: 1Thess 4:13-18
i.   People have died, and they thought Jesus was going to return at any moment
ii.   People didn't expect Jesus to take so long
d.   Theme: Christ is coming
3.   AD 60 - Nero crucifixion
a.   Three greatest Christian leaders die
i.   Paul - Greatest missionary to the Gentiles
ii.   Peter - Greatest missionary to the Jews
iii.   James - Leader of the Jerusalem church & brother of Jesus
b.   Mark is written - maybe in reaction to people freaking out
c.   Theme: Christ hasn't came, and those who knew them are leaving
4.   AD 70 - Jerusalem falls and Temple destroyed
a.   Books written
i.   Remaining Gospels
ii.   Acts
iii.   Non-Pauline Epistles
iv.   Revelation
b.   Theme: Chris is coming, just not in our lifetime
c.   The church's mindset is similar to today
5.   AD 120 - Probably the final canonized book written
D.   Delay of the Parousia (second coming)
E.   Heart of General Epistles is the issue of Christian Identity
1.   They now have accepted the fact they are going to be around for a while, and they need to figure out how to live
2.   Especially concerning was their relation to the Jews