Contemporary Christian Thought
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Craig Keen
April 22, 2004

I.   Modernity
A.   Modo = right now
B.   Theme: Knowledge is power
C.   Dominant elements
1.   Science
2.   Technology
D.   In means of knowing the world we can control the world
E.   If we can get enough control over the present, we can being to control the future
F.   Romanticism - if it feels good, do it
G.   Focus is the self - "I think, therefore I am" - Descart?s
II.   Post-Modernity
A.   Wording
1.   Post = after
2.   Modo = right now
3.   Postmodernism = after right now
B.   Not anti-modernism, ,doesn't imply it is replacing modernism
C.   Myself loses priority - the anti-"I"
D.   It is not a form of relativism, but it is also not absolutism
E.   It should maybe be called "relationalism" - whatever goes on is happening on the way to/from/with/in/under
F.   Non-foundational
G.   Post-modernism & truth
1.   It believes in truth, just not truth that can be nailed down
2.   Truth is A-letheia (unconcealed)
III.   Jean-Luc Marion (b. 1946)
A.   Post-modern theologian
B.   French
C.   Roman Catholic (deeply committed to orthodoxy)
D.   Conservative
E.   Love
1.   God [is] love
2.   Love is higher than being (ousia)
F.   Authentic
1.   lit. meaning self-power