Contemporary Christian Thought
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Craig Keen
March 25, 2004
"Eastern Orthodoxy"

I.   God must become what we are (without ceasing to be God) if we are to become what God is (without ceasing to be what we are)
A.   Theosis - the process of becoming "like" God
B.   Salvation is through theosis
C.   Because we are creatures (created) we cannot be Divine in nature
D.   In addition to that, we are fallen creatures which separates all the more from the Divine
E.   Since we could not possibly move towards God, it was then imperative that God came to us - God became human
II.   Sin is not a psychological issue (like evangelicals demonstrate), but rather it is ontological issue
III.   How do we enter into Jesus Christ
A.   Liturgy = the work of the people
B.   It is the work of the Holy Spirit - when the Holy Spirit is involved, it is no longer a ritual
IV.   The Kingdom of God
A.   This world made new
B.   It is where Christ is
C.   We participate that in communion
V.   "As an orthodox Christian I do have to believe in hell, but I don't have to believe that anyone will be there."
VI.   Process of Church
A.   Eastern Church - Therapeutic
B.   Western Church - Juridical
VII.   To enter into God is to be saved, but to enter into God is not to arrive - it is a journey, that is endlessnm