Contemporary Christian Thought
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Craig Keen
March 9, 2004
"Feminist Theology"

I.   What kind of politics is the gospel?
A.   Not party politics?
B.   Freedom for the poor
C.   "Body Politics"
D.   Freedom/Liberation
E.   Kingdom of God
II.   James Cone (b. 1939)
A.   Leading black theologian
B.   Karl Barth was the white theologian that made the greatest impact on him
C.   Theology that has been done in modern times has been "White Theology"
1.   White Theology
a.   Theology of the soul
b.   Analytical
c.   Abstract
2.   Black Theology
a.   Theology with soul
b.   Poor/Oppressed
c.   Those who have suffered for generations
d.   One that remembers previous generations
e.   Public not Private
f.   It is a theology that cannot forgive racism
g.   It is a theology in which Jesus is black
D.   To become flesh means it to become vulnerable, to become something that can be killed
1.   Where you find those that are most vulnerable, that is where you find Jesus
2.   In a racist society, that group of people is amongst the blacks
E.   Ideology - what drives the white theologian
1.   It wants to preserve established structures
2.   White theology has an intellectual defense mechanism
F.   The message: get out of bed, its time to work for justice