Contemporary Christian Thought
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Craig Keen
January 27, 2004
"Philosophical Framgent Presentation"

I.   What we owe God
A.   According to Socrates, Plato owes Socrates nothing
1.   The teacher's job is to bring out truth the person is always capable
2.   Therefore, the learner doesn't owe the teacher anything because they had it within them before this time
B.   According to Kiergaard, the teacher is everything
1.   Since the Teacher is wholly the truth, than what he is "teaching" is unattainable to anyone, and therefore the learner owes him everything
2.   You never discover the truth, the Teacher brings it to you and the condition is given and you can either accept it or deny it
II.   Truth vs. Un-truth
A.   Being in the truth
1.   You are not in the truth as in being in or out
2.   You are either in a state of truth or a state of anti-truth
3.   The truth is not an ability but rather faith, which comes with the truth
4.   Freedom in the truth
a.   The bondage of being anti-truth
b.   Freedom from self (no longer stuck on yourself)
B.   If you have a relationship with God it is not neutral
C.   Reactions to the truth
1.   You, either, happily receive the truth and you are radically become something you were not before
2.   Or, you are offended
3.   There is no, "I don't understand"
D.   We don't understand we are in untruth until the teacher brings us that knowledge
1.   Although it isn't a "process on a timeline," it is all in a moment (although it doesn't not dispute it could be in a timeline format)
2.   It didn't have to happen, which is key to understand - there was nothing obligated
III.   The Second-hand Follower and the Contemporary
A.   Second-hand Follower - someone falling Jesus immediately after His death
B.   Contemporary - someone failing Jesus in the current time era
1.   If the contemporary follower feels justified to believe in the truth (Jesus) because of the "success" through history, they are wrongly justifying there belief
2.   Kierkegaard indicates that the success or failure of the truth is not essential to the validity of the truth
3.   Therefore, there is no advantage or disadvantage of being a contemporary vice versa
4.   If anything it might be a disadvantage of to be a "Second-hand follower" because you would lose the eyes of faith