Topics in Christian Ministry: Church Administration & Organization
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
March 25, 2003
"Legal Issues Within the Church w/Mark Dickerson"

I.   "People vs. Hodges"
A.   Hodges was a principal of a Presbyterian principal
B.   Christine told her teacher that she was being abused at home (17)
C.   The principal met with the father (who was a pastor) and decided to deal with it internally
D.   The school insisted Christine back home
E.   They were indicted and convicted for failing to report child abuse
II.   Juarez vs. Boy Scouts of America
III.   Issues of Legal Risks
A.   Injury Liability
B.   Financial Risk
C.   Inappropriate Situations
D.   Natural Disaster
IV.   Risk Assessment
A.   How serious is the event
B.   How likely is the even to happen
V.   Techniques in Risk Management
A.   Avoid the Risk - if it isn't essential to your ministry than just leave the risk out
B.   Transfer the Risk
1.   Insure the Risk
2.   Parental Consent or Release Form
VI.   Supreme Court Cases
A.   Lands Chapel vs Union Priest School District
1.   School board had a specific policy to not allow religious organizations using their facilities after school
2.   Court agreed that it was a violation of the 1st Amendment
B.   Board of Education West Side School vs. Bergins
1.   Equal Access Act
2.   Equal Access Act is not a violation of government established religion