Topics in Christian Ministry: Church Administration & Organization
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
February 13, 2003
"Strategic Planning"

I.   Types of Statements
A.   Purpose/Mission Statement - describe who "we" are
1.   Starbucks - on every corner
2.   Coca-Cola - at arm's reach
3.   Emmanuel Community Church - His Word, Our Walk
B.   Vision Statement - how "who we are" gets done
1.   Emmanuel Community Church's "5 W's"
C.   Timeline Plan
II.   Usually, we are perfectly designed to get the results we are getting - if we are not getting the results we wants, it probably is because it is designed that way
III.   Focus - "if a dog is put with 30 bull frogs he'll probably not catch any, but if he is put with 5 bull frogs, you have 5 dead bull frogs"