Topics in Christian Ministry: Church Administration & Organization
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
February 11, 2003
"Theology of Change"

I.   Two areas addresses
A.   Function
1.   Things the church is usually committed to
a.   We are committed to evangelism
b.   We are committed to worshiping God
c.   We are committed to teach the Bible
2.   These are most likely not going to change even when "Form" changes
B.   Form
1.   Thing the church usually changes in order to broaden the function
a.   We are committed to evangelism, so we take the seeker friendly ideology
b.   We are committed to worshipping God, so we use contemporary music
c.   We are committed to teach the Bible, so we use Sunday School
2.   These will change much easier than Function category
II.   Strategic Thinking and Acting
A.   Timeless
1.   Values
2.   Mission
3.   Purpose
4.   Vision
B.   Subject to Change
1.   Structures
2.   Strategy
3.   Systems
4.   Policies
C.   The problem is, is that a lot of people tend to but things that are in the "subject to change" category in the "timeless" category
III.   Leadership Types
A.   Transactional
1.   The focus is more on means than on ends
2.   Though the ends may still be valued
3.   This leader develops a cooperative interchange with followers in order to exchange one thing for another
4.   The felt or expressed needs of the followers are tapped (democratic)
B.   Transforming
1.   Attention is given to the end result with a focus on one primary means - teaching
2.   This leader may use needs as a point of contact, but seeks to raise followers' aspiration
3.   Shape their values
4.   Mobilize their potential interest are united in common goals