Topics in Christian Ministry: Church Administration & Organization
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
January 23, 2003
"Need for Church Administration"

I.   The necessity of Church Administration
A.   Because the church is human
B.   Because the church is corporate
1.   Body of Christ
2.   Family of God
3.   Household of God
4.   People of God
5.   Holy Nation
6.   Royal Priesthood
C.   Because the church has a mission
1.   Lead, facilitate, enable a spiritual journey
2.   Foster, nourish, develop a sense of community
3.   Reach out, bring others to faith and the spiritual journey
4.   Minister in the world for love, justice, righteousness, and freedom
5.   This is very easy to forget about in a meeting
II.   Theology for Church Administration
A.   Christianity is the most materialistic of all religions
1.   More than any other religion, we try to take disciplines or insights from other "areas" of life and adapt it into the church
a.   Insights from psychology to strengthen ministries of education and pastoral care
b.   Insights from the speech-communication field to improve preaching
c.   Insights from art, music and video to enhance worship
d.   Insights and methods from organization design and management science
2.   Most of these points can be found in the Bible (at least foundationally), however, the can add insight into what has already been laid down foundationally
3.   This does create a huge vulnerability and therefore church administration must be a tool that keeps the church accountable
4.   This does not deal with ownership of property in life
B.   People often seek church to "not-be business as usual"
1.   Poor churches are often dressed to kill and very participatory
2.   Wealthier churches are often dressed casually and less participatory
3.   How much of it is seeking refuge compared to seeking God?
C.   Scriptural Inferences for a Theology of Administration
1.   Administration is practiced by God's people
a.   Exodus 18:19-23 - Moses' delegation after the Exodus
b.   Luke 9:57-62 - Jesus' teaching on goal setting
i.   Administration brings focus to a misguided people
ii.   This has a lot to do with delegation
c.   2Corinthians 8-9 - Paul's administrative skills
2.   Administration is God's gift to the church (1Corinthians 12:28)
3.   Scripture does not indicate how to administer, what techniques to use, nor does it give a theory of practice
III.   Administrative Responsibilities
A.   Personnel & Policy
B.   Office Administration
C.   Financial Planning, Procedures & Budgeting
D.   Designing/Managing Facilities
E.   Congregational Events
F.   Publications
G.   Food Services
H.   Legal Matters
I.   Community Relationships
J.   Staff/Leader Relationships
K.   Equipping Saints
L.   Mission/Church Planting