Topics in Christian Ministry: Church Administration & Organization
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
January 14, 2003
"Chaos Theory and the Church"

I.   Basis for this class
A.   Organization - To arrange by systematic planning and united effort; to create a functional structure
B.   Administrator - To handle affairs; to serve (the Latin derivation)
C.   Manage: To exercise supervisory direction; to work upon or try to alter for a purpose; to use necessary means to accomplish an end
II.   The church must balance between wholeness and brokenness
A.   Ministry requires us to constantly facilitate both of these
B.   Chaos is then created
C.   Wholeness is the movement towards well-roundedness in the presence of God (piety, ministry, servanthood, etc &)
D.   Brokeness is the understanding that says we are all broken people and therefore should understand God in respect to that
E.   Naturally we move towards brokenness
III.   Chaos is built in the church because everyone brings their own agenda and they have found away to work together
A.   It very much runs like a family and it often takes an outsider to recognize it
B.   Galatians 5 - what is freedom in relation to chaos-order
1.   Freedom does not mean value in everyone's license to do anything (chaos)
2.   Legalism should not be our sense of order
3.   We cannot live on the "road of life" by simply strictly obeying every traffic sign nor can we afford to throw all traffic signs away - it requires being confident in the one who puts the directions
IV.   The minute we think of the church as an organization we are in trouble - the church is a body
V.   There are a lot of family systems that do not facilitate an awesome for the truth to be spoken
A.   People bring this into the church
B.   The church must speak into this
VI.   Chaos
A.   Where chance is supreme
B.   Utter confusion exists
C.   Unpredictability is inherent in natural behavior
VII.   Order - where people and things are in the proper places in relationship to each other
VIII.   The first rule of futuring is this: Beware of predictions
IX.   God's Drama in Three Recurring Scenes
A.   Stages
1.   Conflict
2.   Transformation
3.   God Engages
B.   This should be normative in all of our lives
C.   This "law" is like gravity, if you want to break it, then you get broken
D.   The interesting thing is that if God Engages Transformation in your life you have been returned to a state of conflict
1.   ChoasTheoryThe problem is we try to create short cuts that we miss God's engaging God we create our own devices to do that