Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
January 23, 2003
"The Process of Life"

I.   Process of Life
A.   The cycle of desired reality
1.   Story
a.   What is your core story?
b.   This will determine what your convictions are ->
2.   Convictions
a.   What is absolutely true
b.   This should tried to be kept as simple as possible
c.   These will determine what your values are ->
3.   Values
a.   What is your life's primary investment
b.   This will lead to your identity ->
4.   Identity
a.   Who you are?
b.   This will determine your behaviors ->
5.   Behavior
a.   The actions that shape my life
b.   Forces us to talk about our "story" ->(A.)
B.   Current Realities
1.   History - where you have come from so far
2.   Relationships - who you have come with
3.   Roles - what you are doing with your life
4.   Context -what situation were you raised in
5.   Structures - what forms of authority
6.   Fears - what we fear in life
7.   Genes - what we are born with
8.   Personality - introvert/extrovert, etcÉ
9.   Temperament - how one carries themselves
10.   Character - what type of morals/values does someone bring
11.   Health - overall health of a person
12.   Gifts - what she has been gifted with by God
13.   Skills - what she has enabled herself to do by working towards it
14.   Abilities - what she is capable of doing by combining gifts and skills
15.   Desires - what someone is longing to do
16.   Resources - what has been placed before you, enabling you to work
II.   What is more important faithfulness or happiness
A.   We know what our answer should be
B.   Most of our actions do not fall in line with the desired answer
III.   Comparative Cultural Stories
Story Convictions Values Identity Activity
God is &
God in Jesus extend life to me & brings me into His holy body
Right relationship with God
Interior life shaping; dependent & needy of Him
Participation with God; reflects His will/purpose
Accumulation (things, power, friends) = contentment; looking out for self
Open to options; function; controlling
Focus on looks; body priority; externals
God serves me; individual is central focus in society
My rights; pleasure-oriented; lifestyle options
Self-importance; external focus
Do "what works for me," what I want, what feels good
A.   Most of the time you start with external activity and work backwards to figure out what an individual's story may be
B.   This has huge implications for evangelism because it sheds light to the root of the problem