Women in Biblical Tradition
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
April 11, 2003
"Paul & Women"

I.   Paul's Undisputed Letters
A.   Written before 100 AD
B.   Include
1.   1 (&2) Thessalonians
2.   1Corinthians
3.   Romans
4.   Galatians
5.   Philippians
C.   Disputed texts claimed to be written in Paul's name
1.   Written around 100 AD
a.   Ephesians
b.   Colossians
c.   (2Thessalonians?)
2.   Later Traditions
a.   Pastoral Epistles (mid-2nd c.)
i.   1 & 2 Timothy
ii.   Titus
b.   Marcion's writing (mid-2nd c.)
c.   Acts of Paul & Thecla (late-2nd c.)
D.   Show evidence of strong dispute social codes
1.   1Corinthians 7:8, 25-28
2.   Contrast 1Timothy 5:9, 11-14
E.   Indicates development and change within the church
II.   Acts of Paul and Thecla
A.   History
1.   Correlation to the Gospel of Peter
2.   Text that was not accepted by the non-elites usually was not preserved very well
3.   Tertulian thought it was compiled by an elder in a church in Asia minor (possibly Ephesus)
B.   Thecla an important figure in early Christianity
1.   "Widow's circles"
2.   1Timothy may include a polemic against them
C.   Themes
1.   Sexual continence/abstinence
2.   Resurrection
3.   Refusal to follow Greco-Roman household codes
4.   Reaction to Gnostic ideas