Women in Biblical Tradition
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
March 10, 2003
"The Barren Woman"

I.   Hannah
A.   The theme of barrenness - The theme of barrenness is about Israel's story for its own survival
B.   Hanah's prayer (2:1-10)
1.   Similar to Mary's prayer
2.   The prayer is quite militant (isn't exactly like "God is so good," etcÉ)
a.   This prayer is not about her
b.   This prayer is about something bigger
c.   There is a sense she knows there is something about this child that will be provided
d.   It seems, again, to play somewhat as a mirror to the state of Israel
II.   Elizabeth
A.   Luke 1
B.   Parallels with Hanah's prayer
C.   As well as Zechariah's prayer