Women in Biblical Tradition
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
February 21, 2003
"Women of Leviticus"

I.   Purpose of Leviticus - A law book written for the priest
II.   Value system at work is holiness
A.   Cultic (meaning the rules of carrying out the group)
B.   To those who were reading and writing the book, the issues in the book are life and death
C.   Males were told to become holy so they could come before Yhwh; females were never told this, in fact they were told to keep themselves holy so their man could come before the Lord
D.   According to Kay, Leviticus is a set up because of the social construct of the time period
III.   Two forms of impurity for women according to Leviticus
A.   Menstruation
B.   Illicit sexual activity
IV.   Sexual norms change
A.   Jacob marries two sisters, even though it says not to marry sisters
B.   Judah's marriage to daughter in-law