Women in Biblical Tradition
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
February 19, 2003
"Women at Work: Midwives"

I.   Breaking Patriarchy's Ideal - Ensuring Patriarchy's Survival
A.   The Midwives - trickery vs. frontal resistance
B.   Three daughters - two mothers
1.   All consciously defy Pharaoh at risk to their own lives
2.   None is named in the story
3.   Sons are condemned to die; daughters become the saviors
C.   Zipporah
1.   What is happening here
a.   Ex 4:34-36
b.   We don't know if the Lord was suppose to kill Moses or the child
c.   What would the attack look like
2.   It is Zipporah, not Moses that saves the life
a.   Why?
b.   Another foreign woman saves Israel's future
c.   Circumcision as apotropaic rite
II.   Survival of the group is more important than individual survival
III.   According to Kay, it is in the narrative that the theology is found