Thessalonian & Corinthian Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Ken Waters
October 28, 2002
"1Corinthians 12:1-3"

I.   Holy Spirit's Operation
A.   Old Testament
1.   Came only on a select elite number of people (Moses, David, etc &)
2.   The Spirit would do it's job and then leave (Elijah out running a chariot)
B.   New Testament
1.   Democratizing - came upon everyone
2.   Once the Holy Spirit came (Acts 2) it came to be a permanent residence in the church
II.   1Corinthians 12 - Paul dealing with Pagan form of Elitism (Point I.A.1.)
A.   Four areas Paul was dealing with
1.   Elitism
a.   Holy Spirit comes only on a few people
b.   In Pagan context, the gods would speak only through a few special people called oracles
2.   Theology
a.   Polytheist culture
b.   There was a god for everything, especially in relation to spiritual gifts
3.   Disunity
a.   There was a lot of mixing between the old Greek culture, the new Roman rule, and the influence from the east
b.   One found sense of identity and belonging by joining a trade association/clubs
4.   Language
III.   Water's Explanation of this verse
A.   Anathemata - should be translated appeasement
B.   Interpreation: No one should call Christ an appeasement for God's wrath