Thessalonian & Corinthian Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Ken Waters
October 9, 2002
"Evidence for Paul's Resurrection Experience"

I.   Paul died for his faith
A.   Eusebuis - Ecclesiastical History (totally accurate)
B.   Acts of Paul
C.   Paul's own testimony (2Tim 4:6-8)
D.   This proves he truly believes what he was saying
E.   Died somewhere between 64 - 68 AD (before the fall of Jerusalem - important for point below)
II.   Biblical testimony to the evidence
A.   Luke
1.   Acts 9
2.   Acts 22
3.   Acts 26
B.   Undisputed Pauline Letters
1.   Galatians 1:15-16
2.   1Corinthians 9:1
3.   1Corinthians 15:8
C.   Disputed Pauline Letters
1.   1Timothy 2:7
2.   2Timonthy 1:11
D.   We know these are independent from each other because they are drastically different
E.   Luke has a tendency to not tamper with what his sources tell him (the drastic difference between Acts 9, 22, 26)
III.   There was a change in Paul's personality
A.   Paul and Palestinian Judaism by E.P. Sanders
B.   Early church did preserve and circulate his letters (1Peter 3:16)
C.   These would be the people that could tell if he was insane or not
D.   It would not have hurt the Jerusalem church one bit if Paul would have just disappeared
E.   It is interesting they were not able to stop or undermine his work even though some of them tried to do that
IV.   Validation by History itself
A.   Jerusalem fell in 70 AD - which wiped out all Pharisees & Christian churches
B.   Christianity would have fallen if it wasn't for one man who took on the mission to the Gentiles