Thessalonian & Corinthian Epistles
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Ken Waters
October 9, 2002
"Evidence of the Resurrection"

I.   Existence & survival of the early church
A.   If one takes away the truth of the resurrection, then all we have is someone fabrication and no one would
B.   People would not choose to leave Judaism to be persecuted if this were not true
C.   Unlike Islam, when Christianity first started their were no evident positive reasons for it
1.   Christianity was persecuted very early
2.   Islam formed out of social distress and a rise of a government/religion that helped maintain eastern values when the western church was taking over
II.   Empty Tomb
A.   Matthew 28:13 - The disciples came and stole the body at night
B.   Different Theories
1.   Toledoth Yeshu (see folder)
2.   Tertullian (160-225) - http://www.tertullian.org/works.htm
III.   The Testimony of Women
A.   Women's testimony had no weight at all in the Greco-roman
B.   Using women would have been self-defeating unless it was true (proves it could not have been fabricated)
C.   Ironic that it was believed this time
IV.   Four Different Resurrection Narratives
A.   The narratives are very different in detail they cannot be reconciled
B.   Similarities are important because it at least shows they are talking about the same event
C.   The Differences are so vast, that clearly neither one of the narratives is dependant on the other
D.   They are four independent witness to the similar events
E.   Andy's Note: It almost seems that when God inspired these writers to write somewhat different details just so that we would know that the event did happen because four writers, that spanned different age, and race (Jew & Gentile) groups, at least knew about it