Theology & the Christian Life
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Russell Duke
October 22, 2002
"Man & Sin"

I.   Old Testament Persepctive: Image of God
A.   Genesis 1:26-27
B.   Our origin, nature and purpose of existence is to commune with God
C.   Human Sexuality
1.   maleness and femaleness is not know to God
D.   Free Moral Beings
1.   Our first responsibility is towards God's commands to us
2.   When we choose against God's expressed will we lose the ability to distinguish between good and evil
E.   Genesis 2:15-17
1.   Bruggemann summarizes Genesis 2:15-17 - human beings before God are characterized by vocation, permissions, and prohibition
F.   Genesis 3 paints the picture of human existence by the account of Adam and Eves disobedience - two definitions of sin
G.   Effects of sin
1.   We are still in the image of God
2.   Women: child birth pain; men:provision for family
3.   We all must die
II.   Mosaic Period - Not as much doctrine but more narrative
A.   Moses used as deliverer
B.   Pharaoh and his hardening of the heart
C.   Aaron using the golden calf
III.   Prophetic period
A.   Universality of sin - 1Kings 8:46
B.   The chief sin is the prophetic period is against the poor
IV.   Intertestaminal period
A.   Yetzer hara - Human beings posses and evil will or tendency that pulls them towards sin or tempts them to sin
B.   Yetzer hatob