Romans & Galatians
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
April 18, 2002
"Galatians 2:11-21"

I.   Confrontation with Peter (2:11-14)
A.   The Issue
1.   What company you keep
a.   It is about people, NOT food
b.   About who you are eating and fellowship with
2.   Ultimately - about justification
a.   If the word of God is keeping me from eating with people that are right with God what's the deal?
b.   Eating meals together was a type equality measurement in Palestine (if I eat with you; we are equal)
B.   Who is the real opponent?
1.   Cephas/Peter?
a.   The issue was not trying to tell Peter that he wasn't allowed (or didn't have to) eat Kosher anymore
b.   Keeping the law is fine until keeping the law hurts my brother and sister who doesn't have the same spirituality
2.   The Influences?
3.   No commandment in Bible against Jews and Gentiles eating together - part of tradition
II.   Paul's Concerns (2:11-14)
A.   Jew/Gentile a fundamental distinction for Paul (2:15-16)
B.   "works of the law" - 4Q[umran]MMT
1.   Reflects Qumran practice of the law
2.   Probable influence on Jerusalem assembly
3.   Restrictive and excessive compared to Torah
C.   Paul's concern - defending his "gospel to the uncircumcised"