American Government
Azusa Pacific University
Mr. Jonathon Pyles
November 11, 2004
"The Cabinent"

I.   Comprised of 15 Departments
A.   State Department
1.   Responsible for the making and execution of American foreign policy
2.   Oldest executive department
3.   Supervises more than 100 embassies, numerous consulates, and special missions
4.   Power of secretary of state limited by the role the president takes in foreign affairs
B.   Treasury
1.   Advising the president on fiscal policy and acting as fiscal agent for the federal government
2.   Includes IRS, U.S. Mint
C.   Defense
1.   Coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly national security and military affairs
2.   Based in the pentagon
3.   Divided into three major subsections – the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force
D.   Justice
1.   Providing the means for enforcing federal laws, furnishing legal counsel in federal cases, and construing the laws under which other federal executive department act
2.   U.S. Attorney General the chief U.S. law officer
3.   Includes the FBI
E.   Interior
F.   Agriculture
G.   Commerce
H.   Labor
I.   Health and Human Services
J.   Housing and Urban Development
K.   Transpiration
L.   Energy
M.   Education
N.   Veterans Affairs
O.   Homeland Security
1.   Missions
a.   Prevent terrorist attacks within the United States
b.   Reduce America's vulnerability to terrorism
c.   Minimize the damage from potential attacks and natural disasters
2.   Created in 2003
3.   Took over responsibilities previously handled by other Departments, such as the Secret Service and U.S. Customs Service