Romans & Galatians
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
March 12, 2002
"Romans 9:1-29 - Paul and Israel"

I.   Paul and Distinction
A.   A surprise in the flow
1.   9:1-11:10 present situation consistent with God's plan
2.   11:11ff. Present situation must be reversed for God to be proven faithful
B.   Two conflicting ideas held together
1.   The ongoing significance of Israel
2.   The reality of the current Gentile phenomenon
II.   Romans 9:1-5 - Why the Intensity?
A.   Romans 11:13-18 Gentile arrogance
B.   Implication: "don't make the same mistakes as Christians I made as a Pharisee!"
C.   Concern
1.   To evoke compassion for this people
2.   To plead their case
III.   The People and the Promises
A.   Romans 9:4-5
B.   Can you separate the people from the promises?
1.   The elements found in 9:4-5 cannot be separated from the people
2.   It was written in present tense
C.   Romans 9:5 three versions - Who is over all God blessing forever?
1.   the Messiah, who is over all, God blessed forever.
2.   Messiah, who is God over all, blessed forever
3.   Messiah. May he who is God over all be blessed forever
4.   All three versions are grammatically correct
IV.   Non-Christian Jews
A.   9:3 - kindred [brethren] according to the flesh
B.   Paul's' choice of words of Jews and Gentiles
1.   He uses the same terminology referring to non-Christian Jews and Gentiles
2.   Words used
Beloved of God
Posses Glory
Children of God
Posses glory
Abraham as father
Seed of Abraham
V.   The Remnant 9:6-29
A.   Concern: to demonstrate that God's promises toward Israel had not failed (9:6)
B.   Does the remnant represent "all Israel"?
C.   Abraham again (9:6-13)
1.   9:6b: "all of those who are Israel are not Israel"
a.   None of present Israel are "true Israel" (extremely exclusive)
b.   Some of those who are Israel are not "true Israel" (exclusive)
c.   Among those who are "true Israel" some of them are not [physical] Israel (inclusive)
2.   Abraham story is a story of inclusion (theme: inclusion)
D.   9:16 focus is mercy over judgment
E.   As the spirit is the guarantor to the gentiles, the remnant is the guarantor of the Jews