Romans & Galatians
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
January 31, 2002
"Romans 1:18-3:20"

I.   The world is in a mess (1:18-2:29)
A.   Jews and Gentiles - both responsible
1.   Gentiles should know by creation that moral laws are there
a.   Divorce - it hurts people
b.   Drunkenness - bad for people
c.   Just the way creation, & humans are created should show us that God's moral laws should be followed
2.   Jews should have known because the law has been given to them since practically the beginning of time
B.   All human beings - without excuse
C.   Paul's critique of the nations of the world
D.   Homosexuality and idolatry
1.   Cult of Mountain Mother Cybele (Dianna of Ephesians)
a.   Mountain goddess
b.   Idol that was a woman with many breasts
c.   She was a nurturing God - in a sense "all who needed milk could receive it"
2.   Ritual prostitution
a.   Males would castrate themselves and give themselves up for prostitution
b.   It would always be males going to males or males going to female - not ever female going to males
c.   Younger man who wanted to be in the military would offer himself off as a sexual prostitute in order to be trained as a higher ranking military man - at times in ancient Grease the entire military would be involved in this
E.   "Righting" the world - from very corrupt Gentile practices (Romans 1:24-25)
F.   Paul's critique of some Jewish perspectives
G.   SUMMARY: "we are all in the same boat - not one of us has arrived"
II.   Then what advantage have the Jews?
A.   3:1 - Great Advantage
1.   Paul's concern about misunderstanding 2:25-29
a.   He was not concerned about making the gentiles better than the Jews
b.   All he is saying is that for Gentiles they aren't going to have to sit in the back; and Jews don't get the first seats
c.   It is not an advantage about having a "collective history" but there is not distinction in regards to status
2.   No devaluing of circumcision
3.   A macro-argument about all people
B.   3:22 all are equally in need of God's Spirit
1.   God's Spirit is given through faith in/of Jesus Christ
C.   Two Chosen People?
1.   To conclude that the Jews don't need Christ is going to the other extreme
2.   It takes accepting Jesus to set right this earth so the earth must accept Jesus if they want to pursue righteousness