Romans & Galatians
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
January 15, 2002
"Interpretations of Paul"

I.   How to Interpret Paul
A.   The problem of Acts
1.   "secondary hearsay" - a legal term
a.   Acts does not quote any direct sources
b.   Paul's letters were written first hand
c.   When in doubt we should accept Paul's letters when they conflict with Acts
2.   Different theological agenda
a.   Acts Agenda: Validating Paul as an Apostle and his Gentile mission
b.   Paul's Agenda: How theologically Gentiles can be saved
B.   Helpful information offered by Acts
1.   Only Acts gives us details about Paul's life
a.   Born in Tarsus
b.   Trained by Gamaliel in Jerusalem
c.   Paul's road to Damascus story only mentioned in Acts
2.   Offers alternative matrix for interpreting Paul
C.   The Problem of the Deutero-Pauline Letters (Ephesians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus)
1.   Include doctrines not found elsewhere in Paul
a.   Ideas about the nature of Christ
b.   Ideas about the nature of humanity
c.   Ideas that reflect Gnostic thought
2.   Include unique vocabulary
3.   Different style (Greek is stylistically different than the others)
4.   Greater concern with institutional organization
a.   Corinthian: Leaders are leaders because of gifts
b.   Disputed Texts: Leaders have certain requirements (ex. 1Timothy 3)
II.   Roetzel & Paul
A.   Portrait of Paul
1.   A "marginal Jew"
2.   Occupies place of tension
3.   Strict monotheist - can't just be the God of the Jews because it implies more Gods for every nation
4.   New theology based on experience - develop theology as he goes
B.   The Early Paul
1.   Born in Tarsus (Acts 22:3; see map)
2.   Pro-Gentile culture of Jewish Tarsus
a.   Jews were worried that if they let the Gentiles into their group what would happen
b.   Paul's enemies wanted to keep the People of God to only include the Jews because the fear the Gentiles would turn on them (which they ended up doing)
3.   Trained in Jerusalem (Acts 22:3)
a.   Paul never mentions the fact of being trained in Jerusalem or being raised there
b.   Paul seem to think he was the Jew of all Jews, or Pharisees of all Pharisees so it would not be that absurd to have a guy like this go to the center of prestigious Hebrew Education (just like the smartest guys want to go to Harvard).