Psychology of Religion
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Brian Eck
February 13, 2002
"Levels of Morality"

Level 1 - Premoral
Step 1 Punishment and obedience orientation - obey rules to avoid punishment
Step 2 Na?ve instrumental hedonism - Conform to obtain rewards, have favors returned
Level 2 - Conventional Role Conformity
Step 3 Good boy/girl morality - Conform to avoid disapproval or dislike by others
Step 4 Law and authority maintaining morality - Conform to avoid censure by authorities
Level 3 - Self-accepted moral principles
Step 5 Morality of contract, individual rights, and democratically accepted law - Conform to maintain community welfare
Step 6 Morality of individual principles of conscience - Conform to avoid self-condemnation