Psychology of Religion
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Brian Eck
January 16, 2002
"Historical View of Psychology"

1879 Windt invented Modern Psychology
1890 Early Period of Psychology Begins
1986 First Published article on "Conversion" is published
1900 Higher education takes a huge change
-Prior to this America followed the "British model" of education
-Previously established colleges that were church-based had secularized their curriculum by cutting the school of theology out and having them deal with the original "charter"
-Christian colleges were created around the turn on the century because of this shift from the mainline schools
-This forces Psychology of Religion to be a seminary issue
1902 The variety of the religious experience
1930 The field of Psychology of Religion ends
1930 Watson changes every psychology program to behavioral
-Study cannot be done on Religion on Behavioral psychology
-This accepts a modernist model; rejects the mind and the non-material
1960 Cultural shift took away from modernist thought to bringing in eastern religions
1980 Influx in research in medicine on the issue of religion on health
Questions Raised by Chapter
Where does religion come from?
How does religion operate affect people's lives?
How does the religious sentiment develop in the human person?