Psychology of Religion
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Brian Eck
January 18, 2002
"Freud & Jung"

I.   What Religion is According to Frued
A.   Religion is used to exorcise the terrors of nature
B.   Religion is used to keep the poor from rising up
C.   Sciences is going to satisfy the same needs as Religion
A.   S = Stimulate
B.   O = Organism
C.   R - Responses
D.   K = Contingency Reunions
E.   C = Classical Conditioning
III.   Conscious States Theory
I.   Son of a Lutheran Priest that lost his faith while staying in the ministry
II.   Student of Freud
A.   Disagreed with Freud - Freud didn't take that
B.   Differences in "Conscious states"
1.   Conscious
2.   Personal Unconscious
3.   Collective Unconscious
a.   Unconscious feelings that do not depend on races, nationalities, etc &
b.   Types of hardwires
i.   Belief in God (or gods) - (Andy-Romans 1:20)
ii.   a "shadow" - a dark side of all people (Jung: your life is a life of deadness if you don't deal with your "shadow"
iii.   Anima (male)/Animus (female)
i.   In the personality: to have a healthy person a man needed to be able to get in touch with his animus and women vice versa
ii.   In the relationships: the attribute that in men that makes them attractive to a woman, and vice versa
iii.   This is such a deep passion it can overrule practically any other thing
iv.   For Jung - it is this is where we connect with God (it is an inward find, not an outward act of our consciousness)