Principles of Preaching
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
September 10, 2002
"Sermon Preparation"

I.   Two methods of sermon preparation
A.   Being with some circumstance in contemporary life, explore it at some depth, and go to the Bible to see what insight is available to us &allowing what we understand about life to open the claims of Scripture to us?
B.   Tell the story of the Bible so clearly that it calls into question and ultimately redefines what we think we know of reality and what we call wisdom in the first place &allowing the Bible to unlock the true nature of life, and not vice versa
II.   "God's silence is integral to God's revelation. God does not talk all the time."
III.   The word of God at the ear is a whisper; at the mouth it is a shout
IV.   One must not forget that there are two kinds of preaching difficult to hear: poor preaching and good preaching
V.   The plain, though often painful truth about a whisper is that not everyone hears it -Heard in a Whisper