Principles of Preaching
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
September 10, 2002
"Communication "

I.   God's Drama in Three Recurring Scenes
A.   The Three Scenes
1.   Conflict (something is getting setup that isn't right)
2.   God engages
3.   Transformation
B.   We are habitual people (80%) so therefore this pattern will repeat itself because conflict is always going to be there
II.   The Mission of the Church
A.   Wholeness
B.   Brokenness
III.   The Basic Communication Model
B.   Noise Disrupting Communication
1.   Cultural Noise
a.   Movies clips used to introduce a topic but then all they think about is the movie
b.   Our job is to make someone intrigued enough to anticipate what is coming next, but not be so much that it creates anxiety
2.   Theological Noise (the filters we listen because of what we think we know)
3.   Personal Noise (worries of life stuff)
4.   Spiritual Noise (God or Satan talking to you)
IV.   Communicating a Message - Three parts
A.   Body language - 57%
B.   Tone - 36%
C.   Content - 7%