Physical Settings of the Bible
Jerusalem University College
Dr. Paul Wright
November 12, 2003

I.   The Seven Regions of the Land East of the Jordan
A.   Bashan (Region)
1.   OT Name = Bashan in Golan
2.   Basalt
3.   Borders
a.   West = Jordan River
b.   South = Yarmuk Canyon (although not for all times)
4.   Old Testament
a.   Deut 4:43 - Bashan in Golan a city of refuge
5.   Numb 21 - Moses given to the 1/2 tribe of Mannassah
B.   Lower Gilead (Region)
1.   OT Name = Havvoth-Jair (Num 32:41)
2.   NT Name = Gadara (Mark 5 - Casting Demons into Pig)
3.   Jabesh Gilead
a.   Judges 21
b.   1Samuel 11
c.   1Samuel 31
C.   Dome of Gilead (Region)
1.   Cenomanian Limestone
2.   Jabbok river goes through the middle
3.   Given to the tribe of Gath
4.   Old Testament
a.   Judges 11 - Jephthah is from here
b.   Genesis 32 - Jacob wrestling with the angel
D.   Ammon (Nation state)
1.   Refers to an ethnic group
E.   Medeba Plateau or Mishor (Region)
F.   Moab (Nation state)
G.   Edom (Nation state)
II.   The Four Rivers of the Land (Biblical names)
A.   Yarmuk
B.   Jabbok
C.   Arnon
D.   Zered
III.   Negev - Region West of the Jordan