Pastoral Ministry
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
April 22, 2004
"Miscellaneous Pastoral Topics"

I.   Pastoral Care
A.   Grief Aftercare
1.   Grieving is not something you cannot accelerate
2.   The grieving process usually takes 2-5 years to process
3.   Ask the question, what can I do to help you
4.   Stages
a.   Early aftercare
i.   Don't try and answer all the questions asked at this stage
ii.   Don't feel you have to fix everything at this point
iii.   Ministry of presence
b.   Extended aftercare
c.   Expanded aftercare
B.   Visitation's Halo Effect'
1.   Preaching is enriched
2.   Administration is made easier
3.   Crises are averted
4.   Ministry is affirmed
C.   Hospital Calls - go a lot, but don't stay too long
1.   Determine patient's emotional need
2.   Visit at the right time
3.   Recognize the value of pure presence
4.   Use therapeutic touch
5.   Minister to the patient's family
6.   When appropriate, share select portions of the Psalms
D.   Shut-in Calls
1.   Reasons for being housebound
2.   Call ahead for appointment
3.   Pastoral purpose for visit
4.   Ministry plan for use of time
5.   Assess the pace of recovery (coping) together
6.   Brainstorm ways for housebound to minister
E.   Nursing Home Emergency
1.   Be positive
2.   Be faithful
3.   Be creative
4.   Be patient
5.   Offer presence
6.   Listen attentively
7.   Clarify the situation
8.   Do damage control
9.   Suggest the next step
II.   Responding to Conflict
Escape responses
Conciliation Responses
Attack Response
Church Discipline
A.   The tendency is to go straight to Church Discipline or Arbitration but when conflicts come up, go talk with them and basically say, "do you understand the problem we haveÉand what would you do if you were us."
B.   Resolving Conflict (Nehemiah 5)
1.   Feelings of anger
2.   Reflecting before speaking
3.   Privately confronting offenders - don't turn things to be public matters before dealing with stuff privately
4.   Deal publicly with divisions
5.   Lead by example
C.   The core principle that should immerse conflict management would be to make the priority the relationship, not who is right
III.   Ministering God's Kingdom
A.   Social Compassion: Giving the cup of cold water in His name
1.   Transients
2.   Emergency Benevolence
3.   Food Pantries/Clothes
4.   Feeding Programs
5.   Shelter Ministry
6.   Battered Women
7.   Crisis Pregnancy
8.   Latchkey Children
9.   Substance Abuse
10.   Prison Ministry
11.   Disability Ministries
12.   Tutoring
13.   Job Training
14.   Respite, Hospice, Health Care
15.   Recreation
16.   Immigration, Refugee Work
B.   Social Action: Changing oppressive structures
1.   Pornography
2.   Hunger
3.   Racism
4.   Abortion
5.   Homelessness
6.   Peacemaking
7.   Ecology
8.   Other
IV.   Salary
A.   NACBA - National Association of Church Business Administrators
B.   Check with education and see what comparable salaries are for jobs that are similar in education requirements for the ministry job
C.   Salary Administration
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
" Early Childhood
" Children
" Jr. High/
Sr. High
" College Singles
" Outreach
" Organist*
" Communic-ations*
" Adult/Lay
" Evangelism
" Counseling*
" Missions
" Music
" Pastoral Car
" Facilities*
" Finance*
" Office Manager*
" Christian Education
" Missions/
" Nurture
" Business Administrat-ion
" Executive Pastor
" Senior Pastor
BA + 5 years - or Graduate Degree
BA + 10 years - or Graduate degree + 5 yrs
Same as Level 2 + management/leadership of division skills
" * Professional
" Placement Criteria: Education, prior experience, salary history, subordinate salary relationships
" Advancement criteria: Performance, range relationship to other salaries
D.   Financially, do not &
1.    &make investments with congregants
2.    &receive investments from congregants
3.    &look to find out what people give
4.    &use church members as business clients
a.   If someone gives you something, always inform the church elder board as a sense of accountability - create a structure
b.   Be real clear of the parameters before you accept stuff (i.e. if a house is given to you, who really owns the house and are you free to leave and still keep the house, etc &)
5.    &co-sign for anyone
6.   Éinvest in get rich' schemes
7.    &handle church offerings
8.    &take church offerings to Las Vegas
V.   Project Management
A.   Time
1.   Dream.................... 10%
2.   Design................... 20%
3.   Develop.................. 40%
4.   Deliver................... 20%
5.   Determine.............. 10%
B.   The Two's Combination
1.   Good
2.   Fast
3.   Cheap
4.   You usually can only two, most the time the church settles for the last two
VI.   Church and change
A.   Technology is renewing itself ever 12-18 months
B.   The culture is renewing itself every two to three years
C.   The church is renewing itself every 50 years
VII.   Begin with the end in mind
A.   Barriers to Finishing Well
1.   Finances - their use and abuse
2.   Power - its abuse
3.   Pride - which leads to downfall
4.   Sex - illicit relationships
5.   Family - critical issues
6.   Plateauing - taking strengths for granted
7.   Emotional wounding and reactions
B.   Accountability is a great way to handle this
C.   Will you finish well? Not many people do!