Pastoral Ministry
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
March 25, 2004
"Culture & Worship"

I.   Psychology of Transformation
A.   Transformational Culture
1.   Addresses brokenness
2.   Forgives sin
3.   Transforming people to change
4.   Reconciles to God - but it does require change
B.   Therapeutic Culture
1.   Treat the people as if they were clients
2.   Psychologically goes through an analyzes the problem and reasons/excuses for the problems
3.   Similar to contemporary psychology
II.   The culture surrounding worship
A.   Elements
1.   Technology
a.   People experiencing tons of stimulation outside of worship
b.   Expecting that to engage in worship
2.   Boomers
a.   Strong sense of individualism
b.   What's in this for me mentality
3.   Postmodernism
a.   Science didn't solve all problems so where do we go from here
b.   Can have tendency to be relative
B.   Idolatries
1.   Efficiency
2.   Money
3.   Tradition
4.   Power
5.   "Famous People"
6.   Competition
7.   Numbers and Success
C.   Cultural Imitations vs. Subversive Acts
III.   The culture of worship
A.   God as the center
B.   The character of the believer
C.   The character of the church as Christian community
IV.   The culture in worship
A.   The music that opens us up
B.   The Word that kills us
C.   Ritual, liturgy, and art that locates us in the Story
V.   Worship for the sake of culture
A.   Reaching out and not dumbing down
B.   Church as its own worst enemy
VI.   Worship Components
A.   Welcome
B.   Readings
C.   Announcements
D.   Silence
E.   Call to Worship
F.   Hymns
G.   Choruses
H.   Prayers
I.   Apostles' Creed
J.   Scripture
K.   Doxology
L.   Tithes & Offerings
M.   Sermon
N.   Confession
O.   Special Music
P.   Communion
Q.   Drama
R.   Baptism
S.   Testimony
T.   Altar Call
VII.   Worship-related Issues
A.   Variety of services
B.   Worship leadership
C.   Congregation size and gifts
D.   Length of service
E.   Architecture, furnishings, icons, and symbols
F.   Clothing
G.   Movement