Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
January 16, 2003
"Renovation of the Heart"

I.   Renovating the Heart
A.   Central Point: It is the central point of this book that spiritual transformation only happens as each essential dimension of the human being is transformed to Christlikeness under the direction of a regenerate will interacting with constant overtures of grace from God. Such transformation is not the result of mere human effort and cannot be accomplished by putting pressure on the will (heart, spirit) alone
B.   Difficulty for us
1.   We will never be perfect
2.   Our tendency to want control (not to affect the change but be a recipient of the change)
II.   Why doesn't God just show himself through our five senses
A.   Five senses are our ways of controlling life
1.   We do not get to "manage" our experience with God
2.   It creates a state of dependency
B.   Before the fall, we potentially had a "6th Sense" that brought the other five senses into perspective
1.   Probably not a literal "sense" - but with direct communion with God heightened an understanding of the universe
2.   With that sixth sense, the other five all bestowed glory towards God
3.   This is why with maturity in Christ we start to see Him in everything
C.   To say that God "showed up" or "I felt God" or "I heard Him say," we should really be more focused on the fact God is always here and moving the statements should more be like "I listened to Him this time" or "I was aware of His presence"
D.   We are creatures of experience and we try to validate God by trying to experiencing Him
1.   Problems
a.   We are constantly trying to "top" our experiences of life
b.   Minimize the "dryness" of life - not everyday will be the greatest experience
c.   Can pervert the message of the Gospel
2.   We do not know how to manage the fact God is present unless we take it in certain ways (i.e. eyes closed, head bowed, etc &)
III.   Four Inadequate Growth Models
A.   All problems are a result of one's sins
B.   Knowing the Truth always set you free
C.   Root out your experiential pain
D.   Supernatural healing and deliverance are required
IV.   Designing Ministry for Spiritual Growth
A.   Emphasis on the law must be eliminated. It destroys any growth God ahs begun in someone's life
1.   Law was not given to show how to be righteous, but rather to show how far we are from Him and what it will take to have a relationship with Him
2.   Jesus, who is the fulfillment of the Law, was the one to show how to have a relationship with God
B.   We must help people realize their need for grace and what that looks like when it is received