Pastoral Ministry
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
January 22, 2004
"Practicing Ministry & Practical Theology"

I.   Theology - the study of God and God's relationship with the world
A.   Practical & Pastoral Theology are both are concerned with how theological activity can inform and be informed by practical action in the interests of making an appropriate, effective Christian response in the modern world
B.   Theology in general
Christian Faith
Christian Life
Biblical theology (Bible)
Shepherding (healing, guiding) pastoral theology
Historical theology (Christian History)
Communicating (learning, realizing, celebrating) - educational & evangelistic theology
Doctrinal theology (Doctrine)
Organizing (nourishing, relating, protecting) - Ecclesiastical theology
Moral theology (Ethics)
Organized by offices: Worship & Preaching, CE, Care, Outreach Evangelism & Missions, Church Administration
Psychological theology (Personality)
Aesthetical theology (Humanities)
Comparative theology (Religious history)
1.   You can probably draw lines from one side into every other category on the other side (i.e. Shepherding takes biblical, historical, doctrinal, etc &)
2.   This allows the check and balance of keeping things practical but yet making sure they are theologically sound
C.   Pastoral Theology
1.   Is rooted in the history of the Christian community
2.   Is related to the need to guide, heal, reconcile, and sustain the community
3.   Is based on the Old Testament understanding of shepherding the flock'
4.   Has been historically concerned with the practice of ministry through the proclamation of the word, celebration of the sacraments, and equipping the laity
a.   Large churches within Pastoral Theology
i.   The Pastor is usually understood as the "shepherd of the flock"
ii.   For large churches, the Sr. Pastor can't possibly be the "Pastor" of the church
iii.   Therefore the church staff fits "THE Pastor" role collectively
iv.   The problem is, that in most large churches, the Sr. Pastor refuses to let go of the power of being "THE Pastor" of the church
v.   The real test within a large church is that if the Sr. Pastor leaves, does the church have a Pastor with out replacing the Sr. Pastor
b.   Small church Pastor's usually fits the role of the pastor all in one person
5.   Is that branch of Christian theology that deals with the office and functions of the pastor
6.   Is theology because it reflects the consequences of God's self-disclosure in history
7.   Is pastoral because it deals with those consequences as pertaining to the roles, tasks, duties, and work of the pastor
8.   Is a special form of practical theology both theoretical and practical
D.   As theology, pastoral theology (and all of practical theology) is attentive to that knowledge of God &
1.    &witnessed to in Scripture
2.    &mediated through tradition
3.    &reflected upon by systematic reasoning
4.    &and embodied in personal and social experiences
E.   Practical Theology Method
1.   Emerged in the last quarter century saying that theology is too abstract for most normal people so how do we bring it into life
2.   DARED
a.   Describe your present action
b.   Assess the action critically
c.   Recognize Christian views
d.   Evaluate action in light of views
e.   Design new actions
3.   DARED Questions
a.   What's happening in this area?
b.   What's really happening?
c.   What in the Bible relates to what's really happening?
d.   What should be happening?
e.   What can I do about it?