Introduction to the Modern Middle East
Jerusalem University College
Mr. Oded Yinon
September 1, 2003
"Introduction to the Modern Middle East"

I.   Good resources
A.   What is Islam by W. Montgomery Watt
B.   Islam in the Straight Path - Esposito
C.   The World of Islam Map Set by James P. Dretke Published by Zwemer Institute of Muslim Studies and Global Mapping International
II.   The greatest fear in the region is not from Israelis, or Americans/Europeans, but from the Arabs
A.   They fear the spread of the west into the east
B.   There only response then is to invoked fear to compensate, and therefore regain control
III.   The east/Islam used to be the most advanced, "technological" society in the world
A.   They lost it starting around the 1400s
B.   This adds to there fear
C.   Israel represents the spread and advancement of the west into the east
D.   There has never been an industrial or technological revolution in the middle east
E.   The only evidence of revolution is what the west brings
IV.   Terrorism is not as much an attack on life, but rather an attack on economy, advancement and technology
A.   Sept 11th was an attack more on economy, and "figurative economy," that it was on 3,000 lives
B.   25% of unemployed in Israel are/were from the tourism industry - that's a huge percentage of GDP
V.   The Palestinians receive more aid per capita compared to GDP than anywhere in the world
A.   Palestinian GDP was 5.4 billion
B.   Palestinian UN-aid was 5.6 billion
C.   Yet, there is no evidence of any use of the money, compared with Israel who has definitely shown advancement with their aid
D.   Terrorism is an attempt to level the playing field on both sides - including Palestine
VI.   Israeli-aid
A.   Money from US
1.   1990-99 = 10 Billion
2.   2003-05 = 9 Billion
B.   Equipment
1.   Receive $50 million in F-15s, F-16s for free
2.   Every year they receive helicopters
C.   Israel gets the best because America insists on the best
D.   Palestinians sees this and forces to ask where is our advancement
E.   The reason is because Israel was America's first foothold in the region (next: Iraq???)
F.   Palestinians sees Israel & America as on in the same
VII.   Arabs will most likely not survive in Israel and they know it, and their last ditch effort is to "scare" the west away
A.   8.5 kids/avg in a Arab family
B.   Their government continues to use aid given to make more elaborate lives for the "top" - thus causing desperation in the average Arab