Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
November 21, 2001
"Back to Jerusalem"

I.   Third Missionary Journey
A.   Appollos - builds up congregation in Corinth
B.   Pricsilla & Aquilla (women teaches Appollos)
C.   Back to Ephesus
1.   Stays three months
2.   Riot breaks out (not in synagogue - Gentiles lead riot)
3.   Town clerk intervenes (Romans)
D.   Trip to Macedonia & Greece
II.   Return to Jerusalem
A.   Warm greeting from believers
B.   Concern for "may thousands" of Law-keeping believers
C.   The solution
1.   For Paul to demonstrate that he keeps the Law
2.   Grace toward Gentiles reaffirmed
3.   Riot in the Temple (cf. Ephesus)
4.   Paul addresses the rioters