Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
November 21, 2001
"Jes & Gentiles"

I.   Jerusalem Council (15:1-25)
A.   The instigators: those mad that Gentiles don't have to keep the Law
B.   Peter's speech
C.   James speech
1.   Sudden prominence
2.   Proposal
a.   Abstain from things offered to idols
b.   Abstain from fornication
c.   Abstain from whatever has been strangled
d.   Do not eat blood
3.   Problems solved: Jews can not eat with Gentiles
II.   Second Missionary Journey
A.   First visits cities he has already been to
B.   Then heads further east to new cities
C.   Important Cities
1.   Beroea
2.   Athens - Paul's speech on Mars Hill
a.   Significance
b.   Themes (Spic vs. Epicurean philosophy)
c.   Response
3.   Corinth
a.   Meets Aquila & Priscilla (important friends)
b.   Stays 1- 1 1/2 years (he likes it there)
c.   Return to synagogue
d.   Second turning to Gentiles
e.   Paul before Galileo