Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
November 21, 2001
"Spreading the News"

I.   Barnabas & Saul Travel to Cyprus
A.   Itinerary: Antioch -> Salamis -> Paphos -> Pergo -> Pisidio -> Iconium -> Lystra -> Derbe -> Lystra -> Iconium -> Pisidion Antioch -> Pergo -> Attalia -> Antioch
B.   Confrontation with Bar-Jesus @ Paphos
1.   Apostles in huge conflict with magicians
2.   Usually on "economic interest" always on those against Apostles
II.   Paul & Barnabas in Pisidian Antioch
A.   Change in status between Barnabas & Paul
B.   Paul's sermons
1.   2-fold audience
2.   There are many believers after he speaks
III.   Turning to the Gentiles
A.   Pattern
1.   Paul preaches in Jewish synagogue
2.   Some Jews, some Gentiles believe
3.   Some Jesus angered & stir up Gentiles
4.   Persecution follows
5.   Paul turns to the Gentiles
B.   Disjunction between pattern & probable neutral practice
IV.   Visit to Inconium (14:1-7)
A.   Pattern of Gentile mission
B.   Flight to Lystra (no Jews)
C.   Paul heals the lame man - parallel to Peter (Acts 3)
D.   Paul & Barnabas viewed as Greek gods Zeus & Hermes
E.   Barnabas & Paul's "speech" at Lystra
1.   No synagogue
2.   Absent themes
3.   Present focus
a.   No reference to OT Prophecy
b.   They appeal to nature (God creator)
4.   Paul arises after stoning
5.   Heads to final leg