Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
November 21, 2001
"Retaliation & an Open Door"

I.   Stephen Arouses Opposition (Acts 6:8-15)
II.   Stephen's Defense
A.   Message
1.   God cannot be confined to one place (not just living in the temple)
2.   Israelite history of refusal to honor God
B.   Three main historical periods
1.   Patriarchal period
2.   Moses and the Law
3.   The Tabernacle and the Temple
III.   Persecution and Dispersion
A.   Stephen stoned to death
B.   Dispersion sets the stage Saul/Paul
C.   Witness to the Samaritans
1.   For Luke, Jesus gone astray
2.   Accomplishing reconciliation
D.   Philip & the Ethiopian Eunuch
1.   Stretching boundaries
2.   Bringing hear the religious outcast
3.   Ancient Jewish community in Ethiopia
4.   Still no gentiles
IV.   The Call Conversion of Saul (Acts 9:1-9)
A.   New believers called "the Way"
1.   Hebrew word halakhah = the walk
2.   Not just a belief but a lifestyle
B.   On the road to Damascus
1.   Validation of Paul's call
2.   Life shaping for Saul
3.   Supernatural phenomena
4.   This story is told 3 times in the book
V.   Peter Preaches in Judea
VI.   Story of Cornelius
A.   The Man
1.   A Centurion - shown favorably in NT
2.   "a devout man"
B.   Peter's Vision
1.   Not God doing away with "kosher laws" - Peter continues to eat kosher
2.   Interpreted not about food but about people
C.   The problem of table fellowship
1.   Not a moral problem
2.   Table fellowship allows and all fellowship
D.   Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit
E.   People defends his actions - result: worship
VII.   Antioch - The First Gentile Church (11:19-30)
A.   Mediating Jesus to the Gentiles
1.   Called Jesus "Lord"
2.   Didn't call Messiah - that was a Jewish concept
VIII.   First use of term "Christian
IX.   Persecution under Herod Agrippa I (Acts 12:1-24)
A.   Growing hostility toward Jesus group
B.   Apostle James executed
C.   Peter's arrest & release - foreshadows Paul's
D.   James/Jacob (Jesus' brother) takes on more prominent role
1.   Where did he come from in status?
2.   Last written about in Luke: Jesus rebukes and says all are apart of his family
3.   If this were the story of the spread of the church Acts would have included how James came to authority
4.   Unlike Paul, James' authority was not questioned
E.   Peter goes underground
F.   Herod blasphemes and dies