Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
September 19, 2001
"Jesus - the Early Years - Luke 3:1-5:39"

I.   The Apex of the Genealogy
A.   It goes all the way back to Adam
1.   Proves the humanity of Christ
2.   Shows the universal scope - not just for the Jews but also for the Gentiles
B.   There would be a huge thrust from society to find a genealogy of Christ to prove he was not just some guy from Nazareth
C.   The people in-between Jesus and David were unimportant - all that mattered was his lineage towards David, then to Abraham, then to Adam
D.   Why was Christ in Joseph's lineage
1.   Despite not phsycially being related to Joseph, His societal honor is found from the father of the household
a.   Achieved honor: based upon individual accomplishment (exploit, commercial gain, territorial gain)
b.   Ascribed honor: based upon who one is, especially reference to one's group
E.   The genealogy proves that Luke was very concerned with kinship, like Matthew, but unlike Mark
II.   John & Jesus' Early Ministry
A.   Time: 28 - 29 A.D.
B.   Herod the Antipas (son of Herod the Great) ruling over Galilee
1.   Herod the Great
a.   King of Judea
b.   Reigned during the period of Christ's birth
2.   Herod Antipas
a.   Tetrarch of Galilee
b.   Had John the Baptist beheaded
c.   4 B.C. - 39 A.D.
3.   Herod Philip
a.   Tetrarch
b.   4 B.C. - 34 A.D.
4.   Aristobulus
a.   Son of Herod the Great, and sentenced to die by his father
5.   Herod Agrippa I
a.   King
b.   37 A.D - 44 A.D.
c.   Had James killed
6.   Herod Agrippa II
a.   Tetrarch
b.   48-70 A.D.
c.   One Paul argued in front of
7.   Archelaus
a.   Ethnarch
b.   4 B.C. - 6 A.D.
C.   Isaiah 61 in Luke 4:16-30
1.   Who is the figure in Isaiah?
a.   A proclaimer
b.   An anointed one
c.   A Restorer
d.   Not a figure of judgment - yet
2.   What does the figure do?
a.   Releases the oppressed
b.   Comfort the mourning
c.   Releases prisoners
3.   What is the "year of the Lord's favor"
a.   Year of Jubilee
b.   Every 50 years
c.   Debts were forgiven, slaves & prisoners were set free, and land titles were returned
d.   Jews felt that this would be a huge factor in the eschatology