Life & Teachings of Jesus
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kathryn Smith
February 21, 2002
"Jesus and Miracles"

I.   Faith Interacting with Miracles
A.   What constitutes a miracle?
B.   What happens when tragedy strikes?
C.   What place does tragedy have in this world?
D.   Do we experience tragedy because we earn it?
II.   Miracles and God's reign
A.   Purpose of the miracles
1.   Purpose is not to be self-indulgent
2.   Always given in the context of the proclamation of the reign of God (the world to come)
B.   Context of the miracles - the proclamation of the reign of God
C.   Connection of the miracles to the reign of God - God has an alternate reality
III.   Social Context of the Miracles
A.   Q Luke 7:22
B.   Mark 1:39-45 - the cleansed Leper
1.   Leprosy and purity
2.   Illness and social stigma
IV.   The Temple, Indebtedness, & Sin
A.   Debt = Sin
B.   Indebtedness only discharged through the temple
C.   Temple controlled bodies and souls
D.   Peasant class perpetually indebted
1.   If perpetually indebted then perpetually unclean
2.   Untithed food is ritually impure
E.   Context of Jesus' healings
V.   Two Miracles and the Reign of God
A.   Mark 2:1-12 - The Healing of the Paralytic
1.   Miracle + pronouncement story
2.   Indebtedness, sin & Jubilee release
3.   Jesus and the temple prerogative
B.   Mark 6:34-44 - The Feeding of the 5,000
1.   Context is the preaching of God's reign
2.   Message is about the reign of God
VI.   Purity, Healing, & the Temple
A.   Illness and social stigma
1.   Social norms reinforced by social boundaries
2.   Purity - wholeness
3.   Thus damaged bodies are "out"
4.   An elite, temple-based concern
B.   Temple hierarchy - patriarchal
C.   Prophetic hierarchy - subversive
1.   Subversive not for its destruction
2.   Subversive for its correction