Introduction to Christian Education
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kara Powell
January 1, 2002
"Recapturing Your Creative Spirit"

I.   If you don't do you then you do not get done - It isn't important that you are child-like but rather you-like in creativity
1.   There are things you can do that no one else can do
2.   If we are made in the image of God then everyday is a creation
II.   Always keep in mind that "they can't kill you"
1.   You can not be intimidated by anyone unless you give them permission
2.   We should not be afraid of being fired if there is no history of people in your position being fired
3.   We should not be afraid of being fired when what we would be accused of isn't really that bad (ex. Andy got fired for trying something new and failed')
III.   Six Rules of Engagement in Creativity
1.   Thinking Distinctively
A.   Separate creative thinking from critical (analysis) thinking
B.   Critical thinking is purposeful, directed thinking
2.   Yes, and &
A.   Once someone provides a creative idea people jump in on creativity
B.   When someone goes through what could be done because it is always been done that way, and then someone suggests something else you'll find that after that idea people in the group will go "Yes, andÉwe can do thisÉ"
C.   "Plusing" - add to an idea of the same kind (If a banquet is held at the Country Inn' then go with a country theme)
D.   "Piggy-backing" - add to an idea of anything that comes to mind (If a banquet is held at the Country Inn' you get concept of outdoors because you heard the word in' which caused you to think of out')
3.   No blocking - no saying someone's idea is stupid
A.   Although you may think you are saying their idea is stupid, the person who said it think you think that they are stupid
B.   People are less likely to share after they feel they are stupid
4.   No wimping - blocking someone's idea by rationalizing stuff from previous experience
5.   More Ideas - don't worry about logistics just throw out ideas
6.   Wild Ideas
A.   Don't just add numbers but rather throw out things that just seem so off there
B.   If nothing else it will add one extreme from the extreme of conservatism and this will help to find that middle
C.   Use the five senses it acquire ideas (ex. What does Christmas taste, look, smell like &)